z Directions to Set Up Webpage so SIDEBARS work

HOW TO SET UP RENTAL WEBPAGES to make the animated sidebar work correctly:

Near the bottom of the page (scroll all the way to the bottom)
is a section called Qode Sidebar…”Layout” needs to be
“Sidebar 1/4 right” and
“Choose Widget Area in Sidebar” needs to be “Pages”.

Once the calendar has a number added so that it actually
shows, the template needs to change to Cottage Template.

ALSO – There needs to be one more <div> added into the
PHPeverywhere box due to there being an additional calendar and the
incorrect code the calendar adds to the page.


The calendar code adds an extra bit of code that the Cottage Template IT Guy David Glaeser created
awhile ago counteracts.

NO calendar in it it should use the “default template” not the “cottage template”.