Public Boat Launch Ramps on Lake St. Clair

Fair Haven DNR

Fair Haven – Northern Lake St. Clair Bouvier Bay

It’s easy to find boat launch ramps, they are numerous around Lake St. Clair!  Lake St. Clair offers access in all key locations where fishing is prevalent.  Different times per year certain locations are more popular, however, all will lead you to great fishing spots!

harley ensign dnr

Harley Ensign – Mouth of Lake St. Clair on the Clinton River

Is it too windy?  Pick from several boat launch ramps in one of the channels, or launch into a bay where you will be protected from the wind.  All size vessels can be utilized on Lake St. Clair’s waters for fishing and just enjoying the water.

Many species of fish are readily found around Lake St. Clair.  In the spring, water temperatures rule where most anglers choose to launch.  Because of the fast moving water coming down from Lake Huron into Lake St. Clair, the southern end of the Lake warms quicker than the northern end.  However, while bass may be spawing in May by the “mile roads”, hungry Pike and other species are being sought in the Northern waters.  Once May hits, the bass spawn begins as water temperatures rise into the 60’s.

web algonac launch ramp 099

Algonac – North Channel Access

Bass, muskie, pike, walleye, and more can be found around Lake St. Clair throughout the season.  In a very hot year like 2016, early August water temperatures still range in the mid 70’s to the low 80’s in the shallows.  Early morning and late evening fishing tend to be stronger for Muskie as the water warms, however, all species can be caught during the day.

Check out the Bassmaster Strategies for the Pro Elite Series held late August 2015 in the 2016 edition of the Lake St. Clair Guide magazine for lures & locations the pros used!

fish may ples group may 20 2014 cLake St. Clair also offers several vacation rentals if you would like to bring your boat here to fish for a couple days or a couple of months!  All of our rentals have boat dockage available and are located in prime fishing locations near boat launch ramps.  Enjoy a morning fish, come in for lunch and take a break, then fish until sunset!  We have visitors from all over the country coming here … and now coming back each year!  There are so many areas to explore on this large lake with the many channels and canals… “After 30 years on the lake myself, I’m still finding new areas where I have not yet been!” … Kim, Lake St. Clair Guide Magazine.

Check out the several maps below found in the annual Lake St. Clair Guide magazine.  You may order your own copy online for a small shipping/handling fee.  The Lake St. Clair Guide magazine also offers a 17×20″ 2-sided map with 80+ photos of visual landmarks, DNR sites, bait shops around each site, fuel, restaurants on the water, and much more.

website dnr passport sign KIM_0105Do I need a Michigan Recreation Passport at the Public Ramp Sites? Click here for more information for both Michigan and out-of-state visitors.  Not all ramps accept the “Passport”.







Below is a one of many maps in the Lake St. Clair Guide magazine to find a boat launch ramp where you want to fish!

Coming here just to boat and enjoy the beautiful water?  Need to find a restaurant with dockage or a great place to swim?  The Lake St. Clair Guide magazine offers several maps of restaurant locations with boat wells, swimming areas, boat launch ramps, marine service centers, and places to go to enjoy the area.  Check out this year’s edition online for free, as well as past editions here.

Map of Restaurants Around the Water – Please note that most of the restaurants below have direct dockage, a few as noted do not, however, they are located very close to marina areas around the lake!



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